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Legendary Fishing Expeditions at St Lazarus Banks: A Nautilus Adventure

Embark on an unparalleled fishing odyssey with The Nautilus, your portal to the legendary St Lazarus Banks. Located 75 nautical miles into the Mozambique Channel, this vast fishing ground is more than just an expanse of water; it's a biodiversity hotspot and a haven for big game fishing enthusiasts. Join us as we delve into the details of this extraordinary WORLD-FAMOUS fishing destination, renowned as the "Legendary St Lazarus Bank." This is a bucket-list fishing trip for any angler and promises some massive catches.

The Bounty of St Lazarus Banks Spanning an impressive 30km by 20km, St Lazarus Banks is a mecca for anglers, offering shallow spots up to 12m depending on the tide, and dramatic drop-offs on all sides. The crystal-clear waters provide visibility of up to 45 meters, creating an underwater spectacle like no other. What sets St Lazarus Banks apart is its rich ecosystem, attracting seven sought-after species of game fish: GT’s, Tuna, Sailfish, Dog Tooth, Marlin, Wahoo, and Dorados. It's truly a fisherman's dream destination attracting monster Kingfish, Giant Dogtooth and a myriad of other species.

Mantis Shrimp Season Extravaganza: From August to December, St Lazarus Banks experiences the Mantis Shrimp season, a phenomenon that triggers an abundance of marine life. The easy and nutritious meal attracts schools of baitfish, creating a feeding frenzy that entices Yellowfin Tuna, Dogtooth Tuna, GT's, Wahoo, Sail Fish, Barracuda, and an array of other game fish and reef species. It's a spectacle of nature that transforms the fishing grounds into a thriving underwater world.

Unique Topography This shallow seamount rises to within 6 meters of the surface, creating a unique and accessible fishing environment. The main reef systems range between 6 meters and 60 meters in depth, before dramatically plunging to around 2000m on all sides. This exceptional topography contributes to the banks' reputation as a hotbed for colossal game fish and an angler's paradise.

Legendary Big Game Fishing Renowned among seasoned fishermen, St Lazarus Banks has earned its moniker as the "Legendary St Lazarus Bank." The sheer abundance and size of the fish in these waters are a testament to the unparalleled fishing experience it offers. Fishing enthusiasts can expect a thrilling adventure surrounded by monstrous game fish that make this destination truly legendary.

The Nautilus Experience The only way to access St Lazarus Banks is through a liveaboard charter yacht, and The Nautilus is your trusted partner for this extraordinary journey. Our liveaboard trips provide an exclusive opportunity to explore the banks during the prime fishing season, from late August to mid-December. The Nautilus ensures that every angler's dream of fishing at St Lazarus Banks becomes a reality, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

With Pemba being the chosen starting point, let us help you plan your trip starting at The Nautilus.

Embarking on a fishing expedition to St Lazarus Banksis not just a trip; it's a legendary adventure. Discover the thrill of reeling in colossal game fish, witness the underwater spectacle of Mantis Shrimp season, and immerse yourself in the extraordinary biodiversity of this Mozambican paradise. Your legendary fishing experience awaits at St Lazarus Banks with The Nautilus.


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